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The Mandometer device was featured in CBS New York.
Watch our own Deborah Cardile and Dan Correa who has lost 30 lbs:
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Mando treatment – a clinically proven way to achieve recovery from eating disorders and obesity

The Mando Group is a Swedish based program for eating disorders, overweight and obesity with clinics around the world. Our treatment is considered revolutionary and has garnered significant global media attention because we don’t focus on psychological issues, instead on eating behaviors. Mando, meaning “I eat” in Latin teaches HOW to eat rather than WHAT to eat, taking away the concept of dieting and counting calories that often leads to yo-yo weight gains and losses. Scientific publications such as the British Medical Journal as well as Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences have published studies on the success rate of Mando.

Using the Mando computerized biofeedback device, patients learn how much to eat, how fast to eat and how to identify and trust biological signals for hunger and fullness that after years of overeating or undereating have been impossible to identify. This, combined with a treatment program, allows patients to re-learn normal eating behaviors and incorporate them into daily life.

Since the Fall 2010, the Mando treatment is available in New York for the very first time. Consider our outcome data, read the articles describing our research in the leading biomedical journals, listen to our patients describe their experiences, and then let us help you regain the healthy life that you deserve.